Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wow, its been a while

I know I didn't check in for my weekly update, but well, I didn't do as much as I thought.
I sabotaged myself because I had two weeks of running around, not planning and so my to do list became a to don't list.
I guess I better stop making schedules and start learning more about planning my days and weeks.
I have appointments and other errands that spread out through the week.  I am going to learn to make all appointments on one day.  I did that for my children's check ups.  So some of them are going next Tuesday and others the following Tuesday.
As for my work from home job, I am only setting appointments for Thursday.  I want to leave Monday's and Friday's free in the AM.  Wednesdays are not free in the AM but all afternoon they are.  Friday's are free all day, Tuesdays (unless we have appointments) are usually free all day but evenings we have scouts.
I will then write out my schedule to fit into these times.
I joined a facebook group for fitness and health and I have to be accountable to them weekly as well.
So, my check in is on Friday.  I think I will make my check in on Friday here too.  EXCEPT this Friday I am going out of town and this weekend is packed, so I might check in tomorrow. :/
I am going to reread this post because I suffer from all 4 things that keep me from setting and following through with my goals.
Tomorrow is a new day, and a new opportunity for bettering myself.

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