Wednesday, January 25, 2012

still trying

Its almost the end of the month.  The first month of the year, and I am doing well in some things and not as good in others.
Budget is doing
But my schedule has lots to be desired.
Today, I did a few subjects in homeschooling but not much in the house keeping area.
Tomorrow, I have another appointment..breaking up my day.  That is hard.
Still trying to figure out how to work those appointments.
I am also trying to get the kids more involved in family activities instead of being on the computer.  I got some games and puzzles at Barnes and Noble because they were having a HUGE clearance.  The kids enjoyed the game, which was a holiday version of Yahtzee.
The puzzle is for Family Home Evening on Monday.
I redid my homeschooling schedule to include one day as a make up/field trip day.
The first field trip is going to be to the museum to check out some mummies.  (for history)
Another thing that has helped me a little is being diagnosed with very low levels of Vitamin D.
Apparently that is a cause of fatigue plus other symptoms I have been experiencing.  So, I am not a lazy bum..I am just tired due to lack of vitamins.  Hopefully, that will improve in the next few months.
I am going to try to organize my blog a little better and try to keep up with my weekly goals as well.
Lets see how that goes.

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