Friday, September 27, 2013

schedule update

Its Friday!!!  And I have to say that we kept up with our homeschool schedule for at least 80% of our homeschool schedule.  Not our housework schedule, but its a start.

Our planner sheets are working great to keep us on our toes.  Its also a great visual for me.

Here is how the week turned out.

Monday's are the only day that we can devote all day to homeschool and we did. Tuesday's I work at the homeschool store for the day and then we have church activities or basketball.  Wednesday we worked on some daily subjects.  Wednesday is also my hubby's only day off, so we follow his lead as much as possible.  This week we had Basketball tryouts on our normal Co-op days, which are on Thursday and Friday.  We missed one and the other is starting back up in October.  I normally try not to schedule school work on these days due to the co-ops but I had them do some make up work anyway.  I have also scheduled Saturday as a homeschool day because of the interruptions during the week.  Here is what we did this week:

Scriptures-  We are working our way though the Old Testament AGAIN.  We did it last year, but since our new co-op is doing Ancient History, we are going through it again.  We worked on Genesis this week.

Math-  Teaching Textbooks is a great curriculum for us after trying so many different math programs.  I am using Teaching Textbooks 3.  I only purchased one book and I am copying the lessons for both my 8 and 10 year old. They are learning Angles and geometry. My 16 son is using Teaching Textbooks for Geometry and my 14 yo daughter is using ACE's workbooks for Algebra.  She loves the paces workbooks.

History-  We are using Tapestry of Grace very loosely.  We read Story of the World (2 chapters)   (for the 10 and 8 year olds)  We covered Hammurabi and Gilgamesh.   My daughter is using Paces for most of her subjects plus she reads some living history books.  We also listen to the audio of Mysteries in History for the co-op.  One day of the week we read Famous Stories Retold and next week I am added one Plutarch chapter.

Language Arts-  Daily, we do copywork, Journaling, and Cursive Writing.  We also use First Language Lessons level 3 for both my 10 year old and 8 year old.  My 16 has almost all his English credits through a homeschool English class he attended where he sometimes took 2 classes at a time.

Spelling:  I got a new curriculum and will start it next week.

Science-We worked on the skeletal system and will need to catch up to the co-op.  We also read from Christian Liberty Press books.

Art-  Started on the artist Picasso using a curriculum I downloaded for free some time ago.

Reading-Kids have to read 15 minutes a day, two days out of the week we read as a family.  I need to work on this and make it a regular nightly ritual.  But, right now I am working on my morning routine and then we will work on our evening routine.

Languages-  We are doing Hebrew with the co-op and Spanish on our own.  Eventually, I need to add Greek.  We started last year but dropped it.  I am going to wait until we get into a groove, but might take it one day a week.

I think that's it, but I might have forgotten something.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New week, New schedule

A new weeks starts tomorrow and I decided to prepare for it.
I made charts for the kids to add to their folders so they can be a little more independent in their work.
Included are pages for copywork, writing, math for the week, and their charts that allows them to sign off what has been done.  I get a lot of organizational ideas from some wonderful blogs.  One of my faves is Our Busy Homeschool.   I loved her posts on homeschooling, organization and even spiritual enrichment.  This post on notebooks was a great catalyst for me to get my kids and myself organized.
Between great blogs and wonderful books, I think I might be getting the hang of this.
So what's up for the week?  

The boys are working on
Scripture Study: which includes morning personal reading of scriptures and family devotional.

Copywork: (handwriting practice using great literature)-  10 commandments

Journal:  Pretty much self explanatory.  Kids must write in it daily

History:  We are doing Story of the World/Tapestry of Grace and Mysteries of History.  A little bit of each plus I am adding a book to read as a family.

Reading:  15 minutes silent reading.

Language:  Hebrew and Spanish, maybe restart Latin.

Science Apologia Anatomy

Shakespeare: Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare 

Plus we are doing 2 co-ops.  :D

As the weeks come and go, I will be adding more subjects like Language Arts, which the kids are doing.  I just need to wiggle it in somewhere in my new schedule.  

Even though I have been homeschooling for years, I am still learning when it comes to organization.  I am very grateful for those moms who put themselves out on blogs because I truly learn from them.  

I have a long road ahead of me when it comes to organization and homeschooling and housework etc, but I am really excited to start on it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


I have tried and tried and tried to work on schedules.  I have purchased numerous planners, all kinds.  Mom planners, executive planners, home school planners, large family name it I probably purchased.  Here's the problem:  I have never ever used one consistently.
I've tried to create one on the computer. I've tried to use notebooks, pretty markers, nice paper, ordinary paper,  3 ring binders, notebooks, note pads. I have tried everything and I am still not organized.  So, I took a hard look, where I didn't want to look.  In the mirror.  I can't make planners work for me if I don't follow through with the plan.  LIGHT BULB moment.
I've got my AHA moment, so, now what.  Well, I need to get yours truly to work on being organized, on following through, on getting up and doing something.
I am starting small.

  • step one:  Figure out my mornings.
This might be easy for all you type A personalities.  I am more like a type X or Z personality.  I am trying to move up the alphabet a little.  Here's the thing.  I WANT  to do everything, I PLAN to do everything but normally do nothing.  

Here's my plan and also my problem
I plan to have my morning routine become a habit by only adding a few steps at a time.  Easy right?  Well, you would think. My problem is my night time routine.  I normally go to sleep very very late due to habit and that hubby works late and comes home late.  But, I want to get up early and get a good start on my day.  Problem 2.  I do get up early to take my kids to seminary which starts at 6 am.
What's the problem?  Why can't I just stay up and get my day moving?  Well, because I probably went to bed at 2 am and 3 1/2 hours will not cut it for sleep.  I get up at 5:30 am, rush to get ready and make it to seminary at 6 am.

So, many of you might see the obvious problem there, but not Miss.  I have to follow the schedule to the T.  Nope.  I just peter out and feel terrible for failing.  I think I have come up with a solution.
Come home, SLEEP, and then start your schedule.
Wow, could it be that easy?  Can I schedule myself to sleep and then get up refreshed and start the day on my terms?
Remember, I homeschool and that gives me that luxury.  I am sure if I had to send kids to school in the morning, I would just sleep after they left.  Hey, I need my sleep.  I need at least 8 hours.
Going to bed early is not an option because I would never see my hubby, and I won't see him in the early AM because he works early most days too.  So, that is not an option.
Well, I have gotten some idea for my morning routine:

  • Get up (no time posted)
  • pray
  • read scriptures
  • family devotional
I have given this schedule to the little's so they too can start their mornings on a schedule.  One extra thing for them is to make beds and tidy their room.
I am using a new type of program that is helping me think this through.  Its called Managers of their home.
I'm still reading through it and working on a schedule but it has helped me THINK about a schedule and how our life and family works.  One thing I learned is to remember that a schedule will go through lots of changes.  Another great thing I learned is to let God guide you.  Hmm?  So true.

How's it going you ask?  Well, its going.  Its not a habit yet but I am giving us a week before we add another task to our morning routine.  

Remember, we are not robots, we are human beings who are 1. Imperfect and 2.  well, human.
I'll keep you updated
What is your morning routine?  Is it consistent or are you a fly by the seat of your pants person?