Wednesday, January 4, 2012

schedule, what's that?

So, what is this mysterious schedule I keep talking about, and how hard can it be?
Well, it depends on the schedule.  It could be an easy schedule like:
9:00 am Wake Up
10:00 pm Go to Sleep.
Sadly, that is not my schedule.  I suffer from the disorder of over scheduling.  I used to have a schedule that had every minute planned from early morning to late night.  And when I mean, every minute, I mean EVERY MINUTE.
It was in 15 minute increments and I had something in every spot until bed time.
Yeah, that didn't last long.
First, I didn't take into consideration any surprises, sick kids, tired mom, appointment, getting groceries, breathing, restroom breaks, or fun!!!
I am not as bad, but I still tend to over do it.  So this time I am going to be a little more realistic.
What is on my new schedule?
Get up!!!  That one is easy
Make breakfast, clean (following a master cleaning schedule) and
Homeschool..(following a master homeschool schedule)
I will post those schedules...lets all say together now ....TOMORROW.
The problem I am going to have is, staying home..and HOMEschooling.  Not running around all over town, not scheduling activities everyday, not sleeping in until the afternoon, not playing on facebook for hours on end.  I can do it!!!  I mean:  I CAN DO IT!!!!

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