Saturday, December 31, 2011

January's goals

I am taking this goal/budgeting thing one month at a time.  My goals this month, well, every month are:
1. Pay tithing
2. Save at least 10% of income
3.  Pay all bills on time.  (not as easy as you would think, at least for me.)
1. Pay a full tithe..funny how finance and spiritual have the same entry for number 1.  Humm
2. Attend Church 100% of the time.  (Yikes, but it can be done..or so I am told)
3. Hold Family Home Evening at least 3 nights out of 4.  (or better)
4. Hold Family Prayer every night and every morning. (The morning has been hard for us)
5. Scriptures, Scriptures, Scriptures.
6. Host the missionaries at least once a month for dinner. (More if possible.)
 There are more, but still working on the list.
1. Keep it clean.  

So something!!!!  Anything!!!!!

And those are my goals for the new year for January.

What are yours?

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