Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goal #1 for 2012

Save money!!!  I don't just mean, spend less but save money, in an account.
We have two main goals, which are: 1. Emergency Fund 2. Down payment on a house (in two years).
We have canceled a few things that take money out of our pocket.
1.  Netflix.  We realized that we are not taken full advantage of the rentals.  We usually keep a movie for weeks and end up averaging 2-3 movies a week.  That is too expensive when we can rent at red box and pay a total of $3 if and when we are ready to watch a movie.  My kids enjoy the streaming, but they don't need to watch so many movies when there are many other things to do in the day. (savings:$14.99
2. Debtwatchers:  A program through Primerica that we have been paying for many months and never even used.  It's a great program, if you use it.  We haven't, and we won't.  Hubby is just too busy and so am I.  Plus I work better using paper and pen. (savings: I don't remember..sad huh.  I think its around $20)
3. Melaluca:  Loved their products and would still be doing it, but decided to cancel for a few months and use homemade or other safe cleaners if I must.  (Saving: Between $50.00 and $75)

That is a grand total savings of round $100 depending on Melaluca, it varies, and the actual amount of Debtwatchers.

Saving those amounts will help toward my long term money goals.

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