Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 books for 2014

I started my list for the books I would like to read this year.  Many are books I started and never finished.  I intend to finish and tie up all loose ends.  

I divided my selections into 4 categories
1. Fiction
Pilgrims Progress-
Out of the silent planet-C.S Lewis
Water Babies
Bulfinch's Mythology

2. Non Fiction
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Law

I included the links on the Susan Bauer books because I really like them. 

3.Classics (some fiction might be classics too)
Don Quixote 

Self Help ( I decided to use this for Mother training)
A mother's heart- Jean Fleming
Psalms for mothers-
Traveling Light-Max Lucado
My Heart Belongs to Him (study with Victoria)

I left 2 as floaters and I am still looking but it might be two books by the Eyres.
1. I didn't plan to be a witch

I don't intend to only read these books, I will still read but my goal is to finish these.
I will also have a reading list to have as family reading.

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