Monday, November 11, 2013


I hate when I start doubting myself.  I was so excited to start my plans to become a fiscally responsible person but last night I started to doubt myself.  I know it was stupid and I shouldn't even dwell on such things.

I know doubts are the adversaries way to derail you from your intended goal.  I think all the opposition I have been dealing with is also a sure sign that I should press forward.  My plans aren't necessarily spiritual but they can lead to some real spiritual gains. 
For example, if I can trim my expenses, pay tithing and and fast offering I accomplished a spiritual goal.
If I can have a generous savings and emergency found, we can help fund our son's mission.
If we can get completely out of debt, live within our means then I can help fund many missions.  That is my dream.  To help fund many missions.  

Short term goals are all about the money, honey..but my long term goals are all spiritual

I need to stop doubting my ability and just press forward.  I know I have a long road ahead, but its doable and I can sacrifice now for gains later. 

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