Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Goals...very late

I've been busy..busy implementing my new schedule.  Its going well, goals are being met, some are being forgotten and others are being added.
One new goal I started was blocking out some time every weekday to just homeschool.  No going out, groceries, meeting people, errands, nothing!!  For two weeks it went well, but last week, it did not.  Mostly because I had to recharter and I spent a lot of time doing that, mostly because hubby was working days and he was home for lunch etc, and mostly because I didn't stick to my guns.
Every Monday-Thursday between 11am-5pm I will not go outside the home, answer the phone (that one is hard), or plan any appointments.  One or two had to be planned on Thursday, because there were no other days available.  Wednesday is hard because I have to take my son to a homeschool class but I need to come home and focus.  Its hard to focus when I return from errands, but I have too.  Between 11am- 5pm its homeschool and house work.  THAT'S ALL!!!
Budget goals were going great until last week, but we are going to get back on track.  We are working on our  baby step #1 and that is going fine but I am worried about starting baby step #2.  I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
Church Goals:  Going well, but I did miss church last week.  I was not feeling 100% but we are paying our tithing and that goal is going well too.
House work:  Still working on that.
Enrichment;  I am trying to get some time set aside for my own personal  enrichment.  Both spiritual and educational.  I am going to write down some goals for March and see where that goes.
I think I am doing better, this year is going well and I think I might stick to this.

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